UFPCM description


Universal flexible protective concrete mat is a set of 36 concrete blocks, connected with the help of embedded synthetic rope. Peripheral blocks have outlet rope, carrying out functions of mounting loops.

Full description and technical characteristics are listed in the following technical specifications:

  • Technical Specifications 5859-001-35842586-2009 Universal flexible protective concrete mats UFPCM
  • Technical Specifications 5859-001-81947000-2014 Universal flexible protective concrete mats Spherical (UFPCM-S)

Presently there are four UFPCM models in a mass production, and four UFPCM-S, which differ in configuration of concrete blocks UFPCM consists of.

UFPCM concrete blocks are two truncated pyramids in form with the general square basis:


     Scheme 1. UFPCM concrete block sketch                 Scheme 2. UFPCM concrete mate sketch                  


     Distinctive feature of UFPCM-S construction: the bottom part of concrete blocks is done as the truncated pyramid with the mutual large rectangular basement and with smaller apex, and the top part is done as a ball layer (semi-spheres).



Scheme 3. UFPCM-S concrete block sketch                   Scheme 4. UFPCM-S concrete mate sketch

  Advantage of UFPCM-S is a decline of hydrodynamic resistance of construction to high-rate of flow stream influence because of spherical top part of concrete blocks that, accordingly, expand the application area and increase in service life of a product.