Protection of aquarium beds of sea and river ports


Motion of water transport is accompanied with the difficult phenomena of hydraulic character that is related to river-bed and banks deformations of port and channel aquatoriums. Deformations of channel bed are caused not only by the unset character of water flow, but also by such factors, as:

-          speeds of water flow at transport motion;

-          ship waves;

-          influence of water streams from the transport engines;

-          flow of surface and subterranean waters;

-          ice influence.

During work transport engines, the streams of water from screws spread to the channel with high speeds that reach river-bed and slopes, and sometimes exceed the legitimate values of unwashed-out speeds for soils of the channel bed.

Usage of the Universal flexible protective concrete mates (UFPCM) is one of the most effective engineering measures, oriented on:

-          prevention of banks and bed aquatoriums of ports and channels deformation;

Protection of the washed-out soils at the founding of berth constructions, subject to flow influence, pressure and unti-pressure of the water streams, caused by a sprit from the ship screws rotation.

Work implementation on prevention of banks and bed deformation of port aquatorium