Features and advantages of UFPCM application

   UFPCMs are made in plant conditions at the specialized plants under the strict quality control and are ready products, non-requiring additional operations at their application site.

   The reliable UFPCM quality ensures its outdoor storage without special fallout protections that reduces transportation and storage costs and allows purchasing mats in advance, thereby distributing costs of object protection for a longer period.

   The UFPCM laying process is easily mechanized by widely available lifting and transporting equipment, and, as compared with other methods, it requires a small quantity of strappers and wiremen. The surface preparation for laying is enough easy, and, as a rule, local sand is used there.

   The decennary practice of UFPCM application cogently confirms its stability to icing, sinker impacts, matters carried by the current and other mechanical effects. If required, the protective structure can be easily demonstrated and re-used.

   It is possible to make color mats what enlarges their application field with the purpose of ornamentation.

   Concrete blocks are made of heavy concrete as per GOST 26633

   Concrete class by its compression strength is no lower than В30 as per GOST 26633

   Concrete type by its frost resistance is no lower than F200 as per GOST 10060.0

      The UFPCM warranty period is set with the duration from the manufacturing date and depending on the usage conditions it equals from 15 to 100 years.