Fortification of cones and slopes mounds approaching bridge constructions and via-ducts

  In the general complex of the bridge constructions preserving and mending a highly careful control, care and in-time repair  is required, because after influence of ice-drifting, high flooding and rain waters serious damages can occur, such as washouts slopes slipping, road linen sagging and destruction of road cover on approaches. Bridge parts destruction can lead to interruption of traffic of motor and railway transport.
  The special attention must paid to bridges accesses and constructions on watercourses with flows of high speed, high flood waters and intensive ice-drifting, and also on the rivers, where the access mounds  and adjusting constructions  are subject to wave strickes.


 Moreover, flooded cones and slopes destruction can be caused by influences of wind and ship waves, by river flow along the mound, by periodic vibrations of the long-term flooding, by filter water influence and by ice drifting.

   A required and effective measure, providing strengthening of mound cones and slopes on accesses to bridge constructions and viaducts, is the strengthening of slopes and cones with the use of UFPCM that protect them from washout.