Fortification of temporal unti-flooding constructions


As a rule, temporal unti-flooding constructions are the sand (soil) mounds strengthened with sand sacks.

However there is other technology of building the temporal unti-flooding constructions:

  • with bulldozers (moving of existing soil) or tippers (delivery of new soil) the ground shaft (dam) is made. A dam does not require to be tramped or aligned;
  • a dam is covered with dornit or another unwoven geo-textile linen;
  • over the linens UFPCM- 202 are piled, pressing the linen to the ground mound.

Piled closely, UFPCM easily resist the impact of floating objects, including ice clusters (Scheme 18). In addition, if a water level exceeds the dam height, then "excess" of water simply flows over the dam. A dam remains undamaged and restrains the water impact.

 After flood waters are gone, UFPCM and geo-textile protection are easily dismantled and can be used repeatedly.

 In opinion of chief of the All-Russian research institute on the problems of civil defense and emergencies of A.U. Kudrin (Mr. Kudrin A.U.) (letter from 14.07.05 № 815/12-6), there is "The expediency of UFPCM usage as the new effective technology at unti-flooding measures conducting".

River bank destroyed in a flood; preparation for slope strengthening
Process of river bank strengthening