The purpose


Universal flexible protective concrete mats (UFPCM) are used for:

  • protecting of bare or not enough deepened under-water pipelines and their isolation from mechanical damage;
  • strengthening of under-water slopes, banks of rivers and reservoirs, channe sides, preventing the washing away of bed areas river flows;
  • strengthening road slopes;
  • strengthening mound cones and slopes approaching  bridge constructions and viaducts;
  • Protection of bridge passages that go through water barriers;
  • Devices of roads for journey of motor transport through fenny places;
  • Strengthening of temporary flood control constructions, Protection of weirs crests and dams from washing away at flowing;
  • Protection of soils from washings away;
  • Protection of gabions from destruction;
  • Construction and development of channels, ditches and drains;
  • Construction of sumps, and also storage capacities for collecting of waste water and its primary mechanical cleaning;
  • Protection of sea-bottom of ports from washing away by vessels screws;
  • Underwater protection of the water supply, water sewerage systems, communication and electric cables systems;
  • Decorative finishing of coast of reservoir coasts;
  • Solutions for any other problems related to prevention of soil erosion and its destruction, due to destructive influence of liquid environments.